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Single in the City: Life, Love & Relationships According to a Twenty-Something Divorcée


For as long as I can remember I have loved to read and write. As a child I loved grabbing the Chicago Sun-Times reading far more than the comics and hoping I could see my name in there someday. I remember my interest being particularly peaked when I was in the 5th grade and had the best teacher ever, Ms. Panitch. Ms. Panitch was a Caucasian woman with a red and curly afro who reminded me of the woman who sang alongside lambchop on tv. Ms. Panitch was firm yet encouraging and truly believed in her students. Not to mention she kept a locked cabinet of candy!! ^_^ My elementary school at the time, I had several, was a “year-round” school. Which meant we started school a month before everyone else but also had a   month off in the winter.

Long story short, one of these breaks Ms. Panitch gave the entire class a reading packet that included what must have been at least twenty five short stories with questions to answer afterwards. I wasn’t looking forward to doing this packet over our break but to my surprise I eagerly finished the packet in a few days and was looking forward to more.

My mom also encouraged my love for reading and writing evident by my collection of diaries, journals (who remembers password journal?!! :-)) and books; the Harry Potter series included of course. My mom allowed me to stay up many school nights with my lamp and later a book light to finish whatever book I was currently on. I eagerly turned the pages as hours passed. I knew I would be tired at school
the next day but it was so worth it. I just had to know what happened to these characters.

I began to realize my dreams of becoming a writer during this time. I loved how the authors were able to evoke emotions through their words and pull readers into their stories. As I grew older my love for reading undoubtedly helped me in academics but also in everyday life. I read magazines like JET, Ebony and Essence. These magazines
are more than words to me but pieces of art used to tell our story. stories of brown and black girls and women like me and black men too. Educating us on issues important to our community.

As a teen and especially now I read stories by authors such as Zora Neale Hurston, Terry McMillan, Toni Morrison, Tiffany L. Warren and more. While the aforementioned are some of my favorite I just love reading good stories,attached to no particular name and I have gotten a lot of inspiration from bloggers like Necole Bitchie, Demetria
Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn, Mandy Hale of The Single Woman and my friend in real life, Margaret Francois of Beauty & The Beat to name a few. All of these people have in some way, inspired me to live my life fabulously, on my own terms and to keep on writing.

Which brings me here…to my blog. I hope you gather inspiration from my story.


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