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Single in the City…I’m too Lazy for Online Dating

So in case you haven’t noticed by now…I’m twenty-something and divorced :-O. I’ve been officially divorced for almost two yrs now and in that time span I’ve been on dates with less than a handful of guys. Unless you count speed dating where in that night, I technically went on five dates ;-). But that’s not important. What is important, is that none of those turned out to be promising.

I also recently moved from my beloved hometown/city of Chicago, to the Atlanta area, and decided to do something I’ve never done before, online dating! Much to the skepticism of my close friends who, I imagined, must have feared online dating automatically equaled me running into some unstable psychopath I had/have fears too, but mine are more along the lines of not being able to do a background check via mutual friends of potential significant others, connections online translating in person etc.

Still, so far, so good. I’ve had my share of creeps, guys much too old to be contacting me, guys clearly looking for one night stands, FWB’s propositions etc. I haven’t allowed that to discourage me though because I’ve also come across a lot of really nice guys too. Kind, educated, hardworking, sharing the same values as me, men..and that’s promising ;-)….But, here’s where the problem comes in; I, The Twenty-Something Divorcée, am far too lazy for online dating. Image And I mean really lazy. Like, not responding to emails for days, lazy. Not checking my profile for weeks, lazy. Exchanging numbers and not picking up the phone when they call or bothering to return a call, at all, lazy. I’m horrible, I know, but..hear me out… I guess I’ve kind of fallen into the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality annnd I really value face-to-face genuine conversations . I can’t see past the computer screen just yet to make it to that point. When I initially relocated I was consumed with landing another job and used that as my excuse as to why I hadn’t been that interested in my online dating profile. But now I am employed and still dragging my feet…

So let’s dig a little deeper…I’ve been single for over 2 years and a half and have quite honestly been enjoying it. In this time I managed to start and finish grad school,purchase my first car, land my first full-time gig, spend tons of quality time with family and friends etc and it’s been great. Still, after all of that growth, I have real fear of letting the wrong person into my life who could possibly deter all of this progress. I trust my judgment and believe I am totally capable, with the help of God, of choosing a mate who will uplift me. Still, love is blind, and that’s scientific. #Factsonly lol. There’s all types of chemical imbalances that occur in our brain and body when we’re deeply attracted to someone that, figuratively, we’re wearing rose colored glasses. Said rose colored glasses have been known to convince a guy his woman, who is blatantly cheating on him,with his brother, in his home, in his bed, is doing no such thing. Even with a video tape that guy will fight you to the bitter END that HIS woman wouldn’t dare…and I, my friends, can just NOT, be a victim of such circumstances or worse. So I’m taking my time, growing, living, loving, learning and letting the right things fall into place. Until next time…

Signed, The Twenty-Something Divorcée

#twentysomethingdivorcéesays Love, romantic love, is the greatest thing/feeling/emotion on earth..but it is not the ONLY thing on earth.

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