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Single in the City: Results of Online Dating

No matter your age I know we all can think back on some fond memories of when we were school-age. Well I ,for one, am missing being in college where there was a host of available men. Men who had mutual friends or at the least, mutual friends of mutual friends where one could get to know someone and silently do a background check, little to no risk taken. Even just observing their behaviors around campus. And if one was interested, it was as simple as going to a mutual gathering and striking up a conversation or something of that nature.

Now, my friends, now I am out in the real world where the ratio of available i.e. Single , employed, kind and having little baggage men, to women are slim to none. Put that on top of me being in a new city, employed,  haven’t quite made friends just yet, and my chances of meeting aforementioned men, are too, slim to none. That is, without me having to do a lot of work. And as we already know, I’m a bit lazy. I’d rather walk around with a t-shirt on that reads “Kind,gorgeous, single, employed men, come to me!!” than do the work it takes to meet said men without having many connections. I’m half joking…I know that anything worth having is gonna take some work. That being said, I am willing to do the work, somewhat. And that’s evident in my recent decision to try online dating.

So, After 3 months of online dating…Here’s my results: Over 1 thousand men viewed my profile, approximately 30 men actually emailed me, I exchanged numbers with less than 10 & less than 10 asked me on dates. 3 guys backed out (1. Dude, no I’m going out to dinner with you at 9:30 at night my first time meeting you, alone. Attempted to reschedule, nada. 2. Guy #2..I suggested we talk a little bit more before doing a “date”, he agreed ,then I never heard from him again. “He’s just not that into me”. That’s fine, rejection=truth. I love the truth, it’s a lie I can’t take *flips hair*. 3. Guy #3 Backed out on lunch for reasons I don’t care to locate, I’m clearly just not that into him and it doesn’t take much living to learn if something has to be forced, it probably shouldn’t happen. Another guy wanted to “cuddle” (I wanted to read him so well he’d never open a book again. Lbs but it just wasn’t worth it.) So I just thought to myself, “Thank you for showing me, so early, who you are, good day!” and politely ceased communication. One thinks/thought I’d make a better FWB’s, and I had the very strong suspicion that one wanted to use me to gain citizenship….While those are the funny and less than endearing encounters, there’s a few more with whom I’m still communicating and, well…that story’s still being written  image

In the mean time, I am loving living in a new city and enjoying everything Atlanta has to offer. I recently went to the Sweet Auburn Fest in downtown Atlanta with my family on Mother’s Day and had a blast. The Sweet Auburn Fest is considered the largest free outdoor multi-cultural festival in the southeast. It was full of fun, food and entertainment. It reminded me of Bourbon st in New Orleans. The music and food was great and there were sooo many people there. I even got tested for free, for HIV with my family.  According to the CDC,  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), African Americans are the racial/ethnic group affected most by HIV in the U.S.  But, not only does it affect my ethnic group in particular; it affects any of us who’ve ever had sex, unprotected or not. Check out how to get tested for free in an area near you by visiting



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#thetwentysomethingdivorceesays “Love is just one of the many great things that will happen in you life. Enjoy it all.”


The Twenty-Something  Divorcée💗

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