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What is Love?

Sunsets and sunrises/

Meaningful conversations/

Yet we are just as comfortable saying nothing at all/

Because even in the silence,/

in fact, especially in the silence; /

Just your presence is more than enough to ignite my soul/

Excitement and relaxation/

My secret place/

Our darkest memories shared/

As new light shines/

By becoming our most vulnerable selves/

We are in fact, returning to our true selves/

Our selves before life hardened us/

Love helps us remember the world is not so bad at all/

But when it is, Love carries us through it’s ups and downs/

At times making us feel as light as a feather/

…Especially in reality; I can not escape you/

And quite frankly, I do not want to/

….I’m dreaming of, love. I’m missing, love.

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