Dreams, Pursuit, Reality

Dreams are as Real as you Believe them to Be

Caught myself searching for inspiration and remembered it always ,suddenly, just hits me/

Threatening to take the air from my lungs/

Engulfing me in its flames/

Promising to consume me to no end/

It won’t relent until it’s released/

Starting off as a caterpillar/

It drags as slowly as gravity will allow/

Until the change can no longer be resisted/

It wraps itself in love, in protection, in preparation for dreams come true/

And when sunlight beams off of destiny just right/

Defying all obstacles/

Through doubt, fear and frustration/

To soar off into air/

It is now honored as one of natures most beautiful creations/

The moment you realize your dreams/

Pursue them wholeheartedly.

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