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Unemployed: Le’ Struggle

No matter what stage of life you’re in, at one point or another we have all had to deal with that murky swamp of waters called unemployment. That space on your resume that future employers will judge you for. That space in your life where your family and friends do their best to root you on those first few weeks and later begin to side eye you and question if you are really looking for a job. I mean, because it is so easy to get a job right? Wrong!

Being unemployed is no fun! None, I tell ya. Well, if you were responsible enough to save up and/or blessed to still have some sort of income coming in, you might not be as eager to get right back to work after quitting or losing a job. This was me. So for the last few months I spent my days sleeping, afternoons at the pool, setting up shop at my local library and my nights reading/writing. Attempting to be as productive as possible and not be discouraged at every bogus sales position offer or worse, generic “we regret to inform you” emails. My job search was a bit more strenuous than usual because I was determined to wait it out for a position in my field (when you live at home you have the liberty to so things like that), and not take positions that I would be unhappy with long term.


Friends, there’s hope! After at least 150 applications filled out in two months time my job search ended yesterday, thank God! I just about lost it. Here’s a few things I did to NOT lose it during this time.


1. Apply for jobs!

This may seem obvious but for me it was really important. As I previously stated, I was determined to apply for jobs in my field about 85% of the time and the other quarter on jobs elsewhere. We spend an insurmountable number of hrs of our lives at work, if you can, do your best to find something you love. Job boards, newspapers etc are literally updated daily, hourly and sometimes by the minute. Keep your eyes and ears open. Use your connections to see if they may know of any openings etc.

2. Don’t stay discouraged!
After 1,001 emails of “we regret to inform you” and over 100 apps filled out it can be easy for even the person with the thickest skin to not become discouraged. It’s normal but the trick is to not STAY discouraged. So I allowed myself to feel those feelings, albeit briefly, and get back to work! I spoke with family and friends and was honest about my discouragement. They did a great job of continually encouraging me that something would come along. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts materializing in your life. So I prayed more often than usual to keep myself encouraged, for wisdom on which jobs to apply for (trying to avoid futile efforts here), for strength to keep going when I wanted to give up and to most importantly remember this is just a SEASON. As with every season, it comes and it goes. Your employment status is not who you are, simply what you do. Keep fighting the good fight!

3. Prepare for the interview!
After you have filled out multiple job apps, for some it will happen sooner than later…still,one glorious day! You’ll get that email or phone call requesting your presence for an interview. So be prepared! Throughout the waiting period I often looked up every article I could on aceing the job interview. While this may be routine for some; for a lot of people, a job interview can automatically create feelings of anxiety, pressure etc. We all want to put our best foot forward so brush up on those interview skills, research the company, know the duties of the  position you’re applying for, have a few questions prepared etc. Eventually you’ll get that phone call or email inviting you for an interview and when you do you want to be ready to SHINE!!

4. My final tip is easier said then done, Relax!!
I couldn’t type those words until yesterday when I received a job offer so believe me, I know the struggle! But have you ever heard of the analogy of worrying to a rocking chair? It gets you no where. You never really move forward or backwards, just stagnant. No sense in worrying about what you cannot control. Now that I have this job offer I’m secretly worrying about doing my best performing the job. See? Just can’t please us humans huh? Just remember there will be always be something to worry about so all you can really do is do your best and leave the rest up to God! Everything else is for naught! Naught I tell you.

Take a cue from Tommy Payne of the beloved 90’s tv show “Martin”,

The King of the relaxed & unemployed all the while exclaiming “I got a job!” No seriously, what DID Tommy do? Some say he was a drug dealer 😱. Idk, idk. Until next time friends, soar high!! ❤️

6 thoughts on “Unemployed: Le’ Struggle”

  1. nice post man.. Being unemployed is no fun, but neither is having a job lol.. thats why you got to step it up and become an entrepreneure

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