Repost: 20+ Unique Problems only People Who go to a Christian College Understand

Hey friends,

Hope all is well in your world and Happy Monday! If you need a laugh please check out this article from Buzzfeed on unique problems people who go to a Christian college understand. If you guys recall, I went to a Christian college myself, and while I enjoyed my experience overall, there were plenty of #Christiancollegeproblems:

Two problems I found particularly hilarious were : “Going to university sponsored events and seeing alcohol has been replaced with soda”  bc everyone loves a cold pop over alcohol anyday ;-)& “Discovering that you’re the only one who can’t play ukulele”..I went to a school with a lot of musically gifted people but this quickly became annoying during my freshmen year when a guy who lived in the dorms across from me (and his patio happened to be within earshot of my bedroom window) would play his guitar on the patio and sing loudly at all hours of the night. I was involved in a lot of activities freshmen year so sleep was really valuable to me then (always has been :-)) so while this guy sounded really good, I needed my Zzzz’s. My roommate and I found it hilarious to yell out our window “Go to bed!!” whenever this guy played a little too long. Fun times.

Needless to say, this post was laugh out loud funny to me and I could definitely relate. But even if you went to a public university or no college at all, it’s still funny!! So check it out below! 🙂


Until next time loves. XxXo

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