#ThrowbackThursday: Just Another Day

Hi Friends!!

So we missed 1 week of this series but we’re back!! Glad to share another poem with you today from that after school workshop I took so many yrs ago…2005 maybe? Pretty sure this poem was my relaization of my boy crazy teenage hormones running wild ;-)…Here we go:

“Just Another Day”

Girls are sweet, Girls are nice/

Sugar and Spice/

The simple life, hanging with friends/

But now, it seems to be the end/

Everything was fine, ’til boys came and took over my mind/

With him I’m spending all my time/

Always on the phone and I can’t stand the thought of being alone/

Day just doesn’t go right if he’s not in sight/

Feeling so vulnerable I’m without a clue/

Doing things I said I’d never do/

Listening to every single line, every single time/

I just want to be free, but somehow it seems/

that without him there is no me/

Sprung, some might say/

but for me, this is just another day.

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