The Worthless Black Lives

     The title of this post was inspired by "The Worthless Black Woman" by fellow blogger Dre' Xolani. It's a great piece on the devauling of black women in multiple realms. See that post here http://drexolani.com/2014/11/16/the-worthless-black-woman/. Let's begin, I have had the same headache since around 9pm last night when the announcement was made that Officer… Continue reading The Worthless Black Lives


The Worthless Black Woman

I’m just gonna leave this right here 💅💅

dre' xolani

Blac-Chyna-13Earlier today I received a text message from a friend requesting that I read an article he posted on Facebook and to give him my “view” on it once I read it. Of course my curiosity was stricken so I indulged. When I saw the title of the article I knew exactly where this was going; it was entitled “Why Black Men are NOT ATTRACTED to Nappy Haired Black Women” .The article was written by a black guy who obviously appreciates the “natural black woman”. In this particular instance they focused on natural hair, which means without chemicals such as a relaxer to straighten the hair. He shared the dialogue between himself and a room full of other black men, some of which were unable to appreciate a black woman’s natural kinky hair. I won’t do a review on this article; if you are interested, click the link above.


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Married People, Stop telling Single People to Get Married.

Listen "Linda", if I see one more article/blog etc telling single people how to get married, how to snag a good guy/woman, how to prepare for their "soulmate" or any of its family members I think I may scream. Not just any scream. A scream so loud it will be heard around the world. Ok,… Continue reading Married People, Stop telling Single People to Get Married.