The Worthless Black Lives

     The title of this post was inspired by “The Worthless Black Woman” by fellow blogger Dre’ Xolani. It’s a great piece on the devauling of black women in multiple realms. See that post here http://drexolani.com/2014/11/16/the-worthless-black-woman/.

Let’s begin, I have had the same headache since around 9pm last night when the announcement was made that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting and killing, murder, of unarmed young black man Mike Brown. To be clear, an indictment is not a verdict. It is a decision the grand jury makes to decide IF there is probable cause to even have a trial. I wept in my bed last night. “Not.even.a.trial Not.even.a.trial.  Father. Father.”  I tweeted. Earlier this year we saw justice for Renisha McBride and Jordan Davis and yes we have issues of #Gunviolence right in our own backyard. HOWEVER, That does NOT negate the fact that this single, solitary case is still a grave injustice. We are ALL Ferguson.  We Are ALL Chicago.

A white man shot up a movie theater and was apprehended, ALIVE. A white man shot and killed 6 people and shot and injured 13 others. He was apprehended, ALIVE. A young black boy is walking alone in his neighborhood with a hoodie on, is shot and killed after an altercation with his attacker. He goes free. Just YESTERDAY a 12 yr old black boy is outside playing with a TOY gun and is shot and killed by police. I have all day people.


     THIS IS a race issue. To deny that fact is to flat out admit naivety. It is to blatantly admit to the farce of America bsing xolor blind over the facts. Have we made progress? Yes. Did a grand jury take 100 plus days to decide if a TRIAL should go forth yes? Was a young black boy’s body left in the street for 4.5 hrs? Yes. Let’s explore this No indictment a bit further and why it is such a slap in the face for the family of #MikeBrown. I am educating myself as well.


(Comment from Reddit)
Again, above is some insight into wha happened today, legally….Understanding mine and others anger yet? That’s quite alright if you don’t. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I am outraged at the lack of empathy from from whites and those of color alike. What if this were YOUR son? YOUR family member? Did Mike Brown deserve to lose his life that day because he stole something that cost what, 2 bucks?! Is running away and the FACT that Mike Brown was 150 ft away from Office Darren Wilson when he was shot not indicative that whatever threat was allegedly there was no longer present? Could Mike not have been subdued, and maybe his life saved, with one shot? Would Officer Darren Wilson not have gone home to his family that night had he not shot and killed Mike Brown?

These are all questions that I have and I’m sure the family does too. Questions we may never have the answers to because, again, his family wasn’t even granted a TRIAL. I say my prayers and pray for brighter days. I pray there is advocacy and real change on #Gunlaws #PoliceBodyCameras and #PolicePrivilege. All major issues here. P.S. the issue is not looters,  rioters etc. They would have no reason to loot or riot if not for this injustice. Neither is pulling your pants up, stopping use of the n – word and somehow magically ending violence within our own communities a solution to end OTHERS racist behavior. The problem is within those who subscribe to hateful bigoted thoughts not with those whom these thoughts are projected against.
#StayAwake #StayReady The revolution will be televised. Good night/Good morning and may God have mercy on us all. #Ferguson #Chicago #PoliceBodyCameras #EnforcedGunlaws #PolicePrivilege #BlackLivesMatter

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