Let.Love.Rule: For the Class of 2007, All 20 Somethings, 30 Somethings and Beyond.

This is technically my hypothetical speech at my 10 yr reunion to my high school graduating class of 2007. (Because, in my mind, of course I’m the one chosen to speak on behalf of us 😜😜😘)…Now that’s obviously still a few years away but it was on my mind this morning so here we are.

As I continued writing I realized 20 somethings, 30 somethings and beyond can relate.

Enjoy! 😘

Good morning.

It’s an honor to be here today. Just as it’s been an honor to watch us all grow up from not so sure of ourselves, trying to figure out our place in the world teenagers; to confident, diverse, unique and successful adults. It’s been most inspiring to see how that success has looked diffrent for each of us. If we think back on that on that day, it’s clear to see, a lot has changed.


(picture from google images)

Some of us went on to college and are climbing the corporate ladder. For some of us, the military was a better route and we’re working our way up the ranks. Some of us have started families and are being the best mothers and fathers we can be on top of school and work.  Helping your children with homework first so they can get to bed on time while you stay up late to complete yours, making it to bed just hours before your morning shift. I admire you.

Some of you are married and are being the best wives and husbands you can be on top of your roles as employees. I admire you too. Some of you found love and it has since gone but you kept going; braving the world alone once again. Some of you are no longer here and left this earth before we met again. May your souls rest on in peace forever. Thank you for your impact you made on this world the short time you were here. May you never be forgotten.

Some of us are teachers, janitors, lawyers, doctors, authors. Some of us work for fortune 500 companies. Some of us work for the mom and pop store up the street. Some of us can be seen at our local library, retail store, supermarket or fast food restaurant. Maybe we’re managing the place by now. Maybe we own the place or have left to start our own business. Maybe not.

I admire us all and I am so proud of each and every one of you. We’ve come a long way…Still, I hope when we are tempted to double back into that drive thru with a read for a poor 16 yr old girl because our fries are cold,or are tempted to act less than appreciative because our clothes aren’t perfectly pressed from the local dry cleaners. I hope we take a second and remember where we came from and remember that used to be us…Now we may be able to buy more food than our refrigerator can handle. Now we may be able to drive to our jobs so we can’t possibly understand how an employee could be late on the bus. Now we may have a cushy savings account and are less than understanding when we see a person in need. Or maybe we’re just working check to check and its a miracle when ends meet.  Or maybe some of us have fallen on hard times and aren’t working at all….it really doesn’t matter.

What really matters, and I hope we all know by now, is that we are all in this together. If I could leave you with one message it would be that, unity above all and to Let. Love.Rule. The janitor at our local high school or church is just as important as the CEO of the top company in the world. We are all in this together. Let Love Rule. We are all souls having human experiences. Let Love Rule. Regardless of looks, religion, politics, tax brackets, society constructed racial or gender divides. Let’s resolve to respect each others differences. I’m sure by now we’ve learned the world is a very big place but yet still so small. The degrees of separation truly exist to unite us.

Our class has witnessed several tragedies since we last saw everyone together. Tragedies in the news and at home. It is in these moments we realize and are reminded that our differences are small matters when we are in need. Which, if we look closely, is always. You see the need in your friends smile that doesn’t quite meet his eyes. You see the need in the homeless family on the corner as you head to work. Or maybe you hear it in your parents voice as your Mom or Dad or even a sibling,.insists that everything, really, everything is fine. Friends, meet the need. Let’s continue to be great. Let Love Rule. God bless you and goodnight.

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