Summer=Festivals!! 1. Chicago Critic’s Film Festival #CCFF

Hi Friends,

So first it’s been way too long since we last spoke. My apologies, but I finally have been bit by the writing bug again and have decided to tell you all about the festivals I’m attending this summer. If you don’t know, Chicago is AH-mazing!! Like, just look at it:

downtown day


And it’s even more beautiful at night:

downtown night

downtown night2

So, besides it having one of the best skylines in the U.S. by far; there is always so much to do and one of those things are, as mentioned, festivals!! For those who aren’t familiar, festivals are typically a gathering of people with similar interest partaking in a variety of things such as: food, wine, beer, movies, the arts etc. I started off festival season by attending the closing night of Chicago Critics Film Festival in Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood at the infamous Music Box Theatre just last night. I saw an amazing movie titled “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl” based off the novel of the same name by author Jesse Andrews.

Here’s the official poster:


The movie was so good for so many reasons but I’m getting ahead of myself. The plot consists of a self proclaimed outsider/awkward guy being pressured by his mom to befriend a well, dying girl. As well as his friendship with his seemingly only friend, Earl, who by the way he only allows himself to refer to as his “coworker”, and the perils of high school. The movie, for me, was reminiscent of Perks of Being a WallFlower, The Fault in our Stars and Mean Girls. Which, if you’ve seen any of the previous titles you know they were all great movies. The result was a glorious concoction of sarcasm, teen angst, coming of age film that people of every age can relate to.

There were plenty of laughs, tears (none from me though, because, #thuglife) and so much more. So many feels, oh the feels lol. Some people in the theatre were literally bawling, literally lol. The script wasn’t forced and every moment seemed genuine. The actors WERE the characters. It’s been a long time since I saw a movie that I loved throughout. THIS WAS IT. Great job by the cast and Director, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, who stayed afterwards for Q&A, which I missed because, sleep.

Anyway, my thoughts are rambling now so if you should ever come across the opportunity to see this independent film, GO SEE IT! You will NOT regret it. Until next time, Happy Summer!!!! 🙂

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