Hi friends, It’s been a while since we last spoke. Here’s a few updates on me: I have officially hit 90 days at my new job as a hospital social worker. Yayy!! What a blessing to have steady, gainful work. If you are unemployed and have been for a while, as I was. Don’t be afraid to take a job out of your field as a temporary way to keep paying the bills. Because, bills :-). They’re not going anywhere and you never know what skills you could gain that could be applicable in your ideal role. Also, call your financial institutions to see if they offer any type of assistance or payment plans during your unemployment. It could be very fruitful but you never know until you ask. Keep the faith and don’t stop looking/applying.

Anywhoo, as I mentioned, I am a social worker for a local hospital here in Chicago, and I see patients on its psychiatric unit. Day to day I see our new admits and gather background information, plan their discharge, make family contact, connect with resources etc…Here’s a real life convo I had with a patient recently: “What’s your highest level of education? (standard psychosocial assessment question, this has been explained) Patient: “Probably higher than yours.” (cocks head) “Write that down.”
I was crying laughing on the inside because this patient was so defensive/mad etc. On the other hand most of my patients from day to day are typically pleasant and we are able to get them stable and on their way to their long term goals asap. I’m rambling; on to the topic at hand: #OperationGMLT

If you haven’t guessed by now the GMLT=Get My Life Together. In the past, as a truly single woman I have always had goals for myself like: taking action to make fitness an every day priority, having as close to a 700 credit score as possible, writing and releasing a book etc. Now that I am single on paper ,(as in not married), because there’s no place for “in a relationship” when you file taxes ;-). These goals are at the forefront of my mind as I consider the possibility of getting married again someday, starting a family etc. While all of those additions to my life will be great. There is no other time than now where I will only be considered “Tatyana”, “Social Worker”, “Sister”, “Daughter”, “Friend” etc. and I want to maximize my time as an unmarried woman before the titles of wife, mother etc are added on. Because, kids.

I barely have time now, as least that’s what I tell myself, to take 100% great care of me let alone an entire family. So I’d better take advantage of this time and that is why before the end of this year, come hell or high water (things old ppl say ;-)), I will accomplish the aformentioned goals to make things a smoother sail for myself and my future family. I will be checking in with you guys to update you on my progress. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon. #OperationGMLT

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