In the Land of What ifs…

Hi friends,

Few thoughts on my mind tonight as I ponder how to break into the writing business beyond this blog and my impending book…

As I researched this topic I came across an article that encouraged writers to really pinpoint what they enjoy writing about. I came up with a list of lists, if that makes sense, but one list in particular I wanted to share:

20 something woes:

Work life/climbing the career ladder

Relationships (Family, friends, lovers etc.)




I guess a better title for this list would be “stuff everyone worries about from time to time so get over it” but 20 something woes sounds better so here we are. In an effort to get out all of my current worries I am dumping them into this current post so thanks for reading and being someone to vent to :-). Let’s go down the list, shall we?

*Work life/climbing the career ladder-

Ok, who but me didn’t know that life as an adult can be so hard? I mean, I love the work that I do but some days I feel like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere. Working so hard only to find out I’m still stationary. Can my work life be like the entire series of The Office please? But of course that isn’t reality. Such is life.


No seriously, when were yall gonna tell me how hard is to adult? After work, I am so spent and value my alone time. That cuts into me keeping up with important events in my family and friends life. Who I don’t text or call nearly a much as I should..hey yall! still love me? 🙂 Trying to balance being a good sister, daughter, friend, cousin, girlfriend etc. Jesus take the wheel.


Speaking of Jesus, I have believed in God and his son since I was a little girl. It was a part of how my family raised me. We were not regular church goers but faith in God was our anchor. As a teen I came to have a more personal relationship with God after what I can only describe as a supernatural experience. Initially I’m sure I was an annoying bible thumping teen 🙂 lol but as an adult my faith and idea of religion has expanded greatly. I see God in everything . I have become more centered, less concerned with monotonous routines with no spirit behind it and more concerned with expressing my faith day to day in ways such as feeding the homeless, advocating for the oppressed etc.. I believe we are all interconnected and I am constantly learning more about myself and my faith. It is an enlightening experience.


Well you know if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, I’ve literally been there and done that ;-), marriage that is, not babies. I am totally open to it again. I have learned so much more about myself by just allowing life to happen, not rushing into anything etc. I have no time constraints for myself, my significant other etc. I do not NEED to be married by 30, I don not NEED to be a mother by 30 etc. Shortly thereafter would be cool though because of ovaries and my fear of being THEE old mom etc lol.

Finally, I am ok. If I run the race and never get a promotion,my work still matters. If I make every important event ever in my family and friends life or miss half, my love still counts. If I go on a journey of seeking God for 10 years and never quite figure it out, my faith still guides me. If I never get married again or never am blessed to be a mother. I am ok. My spirit lives on. I will still leave the world a better place. Detached from any titles this world may or may not give me. I am simply ok and I have made the land of what if’s my comfort zone. Ultimately, I like it here.

“As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.”-Socrates

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