Blind Dates: Excerpts from The Twenty Something Divorcée

Hi Friends, hope this post finds you well. I wanted to share with you another excerpt from my upcoming novel/short story? (idk :-)) “The Twenty Something Divorcée”! Here’s a link to the previous excerpt I shared in case you missed that.


In short, this book is a fictionalized account of my dating life, marriage, separation, divorce etc. I think you’ll love it and I can’t wait to share it in it’s entirety :-). For now, here’s another sample.

Brief description: As you’ve probably gathered from the title of this post, Naomi has been set up on a blind date and things go, well..see for yourself 😉

Giving Sean the benefit of the doubt had paid off. He walked in right after Naomi had glanced at her watch for what was probably the fifth time that night. Upon first view Naomi observed that Sean had skin the color of cinnamon, a low cropped fade and was dressed in slacks, a button up shirt and loafers. He looked pretty similar to how Shelia had described him. “Hey, Sean?” Naomi asked. “Hey, Naomi! Nice to meet you” he said as he sat down. “Sorry I’m late. Had trouble finding a park.” “I figured that.”

“Wow, you’re even more beautiful than Jamal described you.” “Thank you. You’re attractive yourself. How are you?” “I’m good. Have you eaten here before?” “No, I haven’t actually. Have you?” “No, looks like it’s our first time” Sean said and winked. Was that a sexual innuendo? Oh no. Not this early. They hadn’t even ordered their food yet. After Naomi hadn’t responded Sean asked, “Are you ready to order?” “Yes I’m starving, haven’t ate much all day.”

Sean was already texting. “Huh, what’d you say?” “Nothing” Naomi responded as she waved over the waitress. Sean ordered a cajun chicken carbonara pasta and Naomi went with alfredo chicken with extra parmesan. Sean also ordered a bottle of red wine and then asked Naomi if she wanted anything to drink. Was he going to drink the entire bottle by himself? Naomi wondered. “Ummm, I guess I’ll have a glass of white wine.” “Cool, I had a rough work week so I’m gonna need the whole bottle tonight.” It was Monday.

“You know who you look like?” “Who?” “It’s a celebrity. Has anybody ever told you you look like Tia & Tamera?” “Haha, yeah. I have heard that a few times before.” “What would you consider the most attractive part of your body?” Naomi’s eyes widened,”What?!” Sean continued on undeterred “I would say your lips. Yeah, you got some sexy lips.” Naomi bit her lips to prevent herself from saying something she would regret. The food arrived just in time.

Sean continued in between chucking his food down his throat and drinking straight from the bottle. “So, what are your thoughts on marriage?” “Been there, done that.” “Oh, you’ve been married before? Jamal didn’t mention that.” Immediately defensive, Naomi whipped her neck “Is that a problem?” “No, not at all. Just saying, you look so young. How old were you when you got married?” Naomi was growing tired of the evening already. “I don’t really care to discuss the past. I’m 25 now. How old are you?” “I understand, 30.” Sean replied.

“I was just saying, I’m trying to get married soon.” Why was he telling Naomi this? Did he think she was willing to jump the broom with a guy she just met? He couldn’t be that out of touch. He continued, “I looked you up online and saw you post a lot of scriptures and stuff. Are you celibate?” Naomi wasn’t sure how to answer that question. Sure she hadn’t had sex in a while but that wasn’t by choice. She felt in her heart she should maybe wait until marriage but she was honestly still struggling with that.

Instead of answering Naomi just asked him the same. “Hell naw I’m not celibate” he laughed then continued, “and if I get with a girl she better not be trying to make me wait long.” Naomi was slightly disgusted and thanked God when she saw the waitress coming back with the bill. Sean fumbled for his wallet “I know I had it. I paid for my parking with it. Do you mind? I need to go to my car to see if I left my wallet.” “Ok.”

It seemed just as soon as the restaurant doors were closing behind Sean he was walking back in announcing loudly, to whom exactly Naomi wasn’t sure, that he couldn’t find his wallet. Sean actually got down on his knees and looked under the table for his wallet. All the while exclaiming “I wish people were honest! My wallet didn’t just get up and walk out of here.” Naomi was thinking “I wish YOU were honest.” Naomi had enough of this show. “Look Sean, it’s ok. I got it.”

“Are you sure?” “Yes.” Naomi looked at the bill. Sean’s bottle of wine alone was 30 bucks. Whatever, she just wanted to get out of this restaurant as soon as possible. Naomi paid and Sean repeatedly promised he’d pay her back as soon as possible. “Ok.” was all Naomi said. As they were leaving Naomi began to walk to her place that was less than a mile away. “Oh no, you have to let me give you a ride home. It’s the least I can do.” Naomi had worn heels so she obliged.

In the short drive to Naomi’s place her and Sean discussed work with Sean boldly asking her how she could afford to live downtown. Naomi gave him a rundown of Conversations with Your Sister and explained how healthy relationship workshops were needed all over the city and she had even began to get calls outside of the city. It paid to work for yourself in the end. Pulling up to Naomi’s place Sean said, “I was wondering what you’d think about a nightcap?” Naomi thought about the date, surveyed Sean and decided at least he was cute. Tonight she didn’t have standards. Only a broken heart. “Sure, let’s go.”

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