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I Attended my First Online Single’s Conference

Hi Friends,

As the title reads, I attended my first online singles conference. If you’ve never attended a conference it is typically 1-3 days full of workshops aka educational classes on the topic of your choice. There’s all kinds of networking opportunities to rub elbows with those in your industry or topic of interest. Again, this was online so it was a little different. My networking opportunities consisted of a chatroom and following the different speakers on their social media accounts. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The title of the conference was The Online Singles Conference or #TOSC for short. It was all about dealing with our past including relationship mistakes, embracing our present, and preparing for marriage. As a divorced woman this was right up my alley!! Part of the reason I started this blog was to share my story and help others avoid the mistakes I made. I truly believe divorce puts such a horrible taste in our mouths and in the atmosphere because it is HORRIBLE. It has the potential to rip apart families and communities alike; destroying our faith in love and humankind along the way.

But can I let you in on a secret? What I’ve learned from this online conference and other teachings/podcasts I’ve listened to is…divorce is avoidable!! Now while I wear my twenty something divorcee’ title proudly,because of the lessons I learned and self-discovery that took place during the process, if I could’ve avoided divorce I WOULD HAVE. Also, had I known the things I am only now learning I’m sure I would’ve avoided getting married altogether. My main lesson learned and what I want everyone to glean from this post is, “PREPARATION TRUMPS COMMITMENT”.

To expound on that, our journey of singleness including everything up until we’ve said I do, is SOOOO critical. In our rush to the altar, which we really shouldn’t rush at all but cherish the journey every step of the way…we have the incomparable time in our lives to DEAL WITH OUR PAST (past relationship mistakes, childhood hurts etc.), EMBRACE OUR PRESENT (get FIT -mentally, physically, spiritually, financially), and PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE (Know who you are, what you’re looking for etc.).

While it’s true we can do all of this while married,what’s the rush?? We do ourselves and our future spouses (if marriage is our desire),future families etc a HUGE SERVICE when we take the time to do all of this BEFORE we jump the broom and a HUGE DISSERVICE if we pretend all is well and wait until after we say I do…check out the hashtag #TOSC on social media or theonlinesinglesconference.com if you’re interested in learning more.


Stay well my friends.


TheTwentySomethingDivorcee 🙂

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