Happy Birthday to me!!

Inspired by my sister in my head Solange 🙂 🙂
Born July 16th-3 months early and weighing in at 1lb 3oz hence one of my family’s nickname for me “Tiny”. I would spend the first three months of my life in the hospital.
Age 5 -my family suffered tragedy when my 2yr old brother was murdered (I LOVE YOU Aaron TyShawn Smith)
Age 8 -my older brother and I were reunited with my mother after three years in foster care.
Age 8-12- my life was greatly enriched by the YMCA as I became self proclaimed pool shark, member of an award winning pom-pom team, double dutch and yo yo champ, attended summer/winter camp out of state etc.)
Age 14- I met my soulmates/bff’s in the halls of a highschool. #GIRLFRIENDS
Age 15-Fell in Puppy Love
Age 16-Experienced my 1st heartbreak…began my personal relationship with GOD.
Age 17-got accepted to my 1st choice for college
Age 18-adjusted to feeling BLACK for the first time at a PWI
Age 19-Met my second love strolling through our college campus
Age 20-Married and became a stepmommy!
Age 21-Graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and life came full circle as I began my first full time job in Foster care
Age 22-23-Separated…wiled the hell out, purchased my first car,
Graduated with my Master’s degree, Divorced.
Age 24-Turned my pain into a blog, TheTwentySomethingDivorcee.com , REDISCOVERED myself
Age 25-Turned that blog and chapter of life into a book!! THE TWENTY SOMETHING DIVORCEE coming this fall!!
Blessed with what turned out to be a DREAM job.
Age 27-Enjoying life to the fullest and accepting/walking in my truth as a QUEEN and ONE.BAD.BITCH!!! “I ain’t sorry!”

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