What the f#*k is up?!?

Ok, that was a bit brash but nonetheless what’s up readers? How are you? I really want to know btw, please leave a comment and tell me how you’re doing :-). Thanks so much for staying tuned in to my blog as I have been ridiculous in neglecting my first baby, this blog. As I’ve ruminated on before, this blog is the birth of a lot for me. I can still remember picking up and moving my life to Atlanta back in 2014. Excited about all of the new beginnings and possibilities a new city had to offer I soon found myself homesick and struggling to make real connections. So, I started blogging.

If I’m being honest this blog at the time was also deeply therapeutic for me as I reentered the dating world as a newly divorced young woman. At a time where I was scarcely employed and lacking health insurance, this blog served as a pseudo therapist couch for me. Now, I’m living, loving and working back in my hometown of Chicago and having to constantly remind myself to not neglect, my first love: writing, and thus blogging. Even now as I type, each key stroke massages my heart. It’s emotional for me to reflect on how far I’ve come and how this blog has changed my life and touched others.

I’m grateful for it all and to be frank I received a timely reminder today about relying on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to update my audience. Those sites are not exempt from shutting down and I should still focus on my blog. Well, I’m back!! And I’m very happy about it :-). I hope you guys are happy to hear from me as well and I look  forward to getting back to regularly updating you on my life. In the meantime here’s a few links on what I’ve been up to:

As always, my debut novella is available in Kindle and paperback version on Amazon. Get your copy here:

I’m podcasting over on Anchor:

And finally, I’m on Youtube:

Until next time, thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

2 thoughts on “What the f#*k is up?!?”

  1. Yay!!!! Welcome back! So happy to see your back to doing what you love plus being back in your hometown❤️ I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs! Also, Twenty Something Divorcée was a hit👌🏾 Keep up the great work your doing.


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