Respect Your Journey

Hi Friends,

It’s me, your fearless blogger, jk, I have all the fears 😉 lol. Well, nonetheless, I am back as promised, excited and honestly patting myself on the back. Your girl is out here doing things, several things. Things that may seem insignificant to others but are major milestones for me. But that’s what this blog post is all about: RESPECT YOUR JOURNEY. Respect YOUR Journey. Respect Your JOURNEY.

Simply getting up this morning and trekking to my local coffee shop with my laptop was a feat for me. Btw, I attempted a self timer photo shoot but nah, I gotta invest in a photographer lol. Here’s some pictures from my failed photo shoot:


Earlier last year I struggled with depression and anxiety but I’m proud to say my mood has improved for the last six months or so. There was no particular reason why I struggled with these feelings and that is why it was so frustrating for me, I just couldn’t get out of my own head. My mind would simply constantly attack me with all of the what ifs of life but always in the worst case scenario. It was crippling for some time and it defeated my desire to move, exercise, write etc. so I’m glad to say a b!*ch is back!! 🙂

Although this triumph over depression and anxiety is ongoing here’s how I came out of that funk: 1) talking to a few mental health professionals (just as you would change your doctor if you were not satisfied with the care you were receiving, it’s perfectly fine to do the same for your mental health),  2) honestly just getting back out there and doing the things I enjoy. I’m a mental health professional myself so I know that this tool is called behavioral activation therapy. To put it simply it’s goal is to decrease avoidance and isolation by encouraging gradual increase in activities that have been shown to improve a person’s mood and this can include simple things such as : exercising, showering, eating dinner etc. 3) Finally, my dog!! My beloved Kassie!!


Kassie is a mix of Shar Pei and Labrador retriever. I am that dog Mom and that pet person who just loves animals overall. I finally got a place that allows pets last year and I got Kassie in December of last year and it’s been bliss every since. So grateful for her and all of the aforementioned tools.

To wrap this up, celebrate who you are and how far you’ve come. How dare you compare yourself to someone else and think “I should be where he/she is?” when you are a whole living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being who’s journey in itself deserves all of your attention, love and respect. Be more gentle with yourself. It’s the only way we become the best version of ourselves. RESPECT YOUR JOURNEY.

What’s helped you through some tough times? Tell me in the comments.

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