Tatyana L., LCSW

What is in a name? What should my image look like? What kind of online presence do I want to have? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself lately as I contemplate rebranding in my last year of my 20’s. That’s right, I’ll officially no longer be a twenty-something so my blog’s title is now kind of null and void, no? The days of hitting the club two nights in a row are long gone. Life has been forcing me to slow down lately and I’ve had a lot of time to think.

With my birthday nearing, naturally I am looking back on my 20’s and forced to say wow! Girllll, smh, you go girl!, among other things. I remember as a kid thinking someone in their 20’s was “grown” and now I feel like whoa, wait a minute! I’m still not ready to give up Nick at Nite. I’m just now settling in with the partner and puppy I’ve always wanted. I’ve only been working in the corporate world after college for 7 years and still feel like I have so much to learn but I’m so proud of myself.


25 year old Tay or Tatyana 😉 had a list and was checking it twice and getting down on herself for not reaching self imposed timelines in what I thought was a good amount of time. Near 30 Tay is loving, living, learning and not putting nearly as much pressure on myself as I was 5 years ago or even two years ago. Life is good and I’m just coasting. Here’s to 🥂 coasting in our 30’s fellow no longer twenty-somethings! We’ve earned this and we got this! 💪🏾

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