Anew Decade

Reflecting on the future; I know it has been said but it is really something to think about…there are literally 85 days left in 2019 and more importantly, in this decade. Just like that in a blink of the eye 👁, a whole 10 years have passed. I think about where I was when I was 20 years old compared to now and I’m eons away from that girl. That girl felt scared and hopeless, only banking on her educational achievements. As far as her personal life she thought “I guess this is just the way it is.” I  have grown a lot since then but still have a lot of growing to do. Just a part of being human.


I think about how as a kid, time seemed to drag and I was so in a rush to become an adult. It felt like I was a kid forever. Yet, these first ten years of adulthood have flashed right before my eyes….and can I be honest guys? Nostalgia is literally my drug lol. I’m hooked on tv shows and music I grew up on. I tend to fondly think of the times when I was school aged and life seemed so simple…Not this time. This time I am yearning for the future. Anxiously awaiting what the new year/new decade holds. I am looking forward to the life God allows me to create. I am not afraid of the future.

Because quite frankly, I am willing to risk it all to have the life I desire, the dreams I aspire and the results will hopefully inspire someone else ✈️..not even the sky is the limit. I wrote my goals for the rest of the year and new year on my dry erase board the other morning..a vision board of sorts. I’m already envisioning these things coming true and I’ll stop at nothing to have them actualized.

How about you, what are you willing to change to have your dreams come true?

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