What is your Deepest Fear?



😂 Ok, super vulnerable post ahead *deep breaths*..this post is funny but this is serious business for me lol. This is one of my goals for next year. After marriage and a house etc…giving birth! 👶🏽


I was afraid to say that aloud for many reasons…feeling like I might jinx it. Because if I say it aloud then that makes it more real and maybe I’m just safer if I never say it aloud then I will have never verbalized it so I won’t be as disappointed if it never happens…

What if my partner and I try and we miscarry? What if my partner and I try and we have fertility issues? This is scary stuff…but I have literally never wanted anything more.

Since a child I have always knew I wanted to be a mother and now that the prospect is here it’s scary as hell lbs. But I’m ready for all of the ups and downs this journey will come with…then again, are you ever really ready? 🤔🧐 Talk to me Moms, how was your journey to motherhood?







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