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Book Release Party! 🎊🎈🎉

  So it finally happened guys!! I had my official book release party for “The Twenty Something Divorcée”. Here’s the link if you haven’t gotten your copy yet or want an extra 😉. You can also read reviews here: Exactly one week ago my book release party happened & I am still on cloud… Continue reading Book Release Party! 🎊🎈🎉

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I am sitting at home on this rainy Saturday on my first weekend off in what feels like forever and decided to revisit my oldest and truest love: writing :-). Along with some cleaning where I stumbled upon my old planner: And as I flipped through the pages inside I remembered it had all of… Continue reading Affirmations

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#MySpiritisFree From all of your opinions of me. #MySpiritisFree From the desire for a six-figure salary before the age of 33. #MySpiritisFree From your/my/our desire for marriage and a baby. #MySpiritisFree From religious beliefs that attempt to pigeon-hole me. #MySpiritisFree From the weight that I don't see. #MySpiritisFree From the need to define myself by… Continue reading #MySpiritisFree

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I Attended my First Online Single’s Conference

Hi Friends, As the title reads, I attended my first online singles conference. If you've never attended a conference it is typically 1-3 days full of workshops aka educational classes on the topic of your choice. There's all kinds of networking opportunities to rub elbows with those in your industry or topic of interest. Again,… Continue reading I Attended my First Online Single’s Conference

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What is Love? Sunsets and sunrises/ Meaningful conversations/ Yet we are just as comfortable saying nothing at all/ Because even in the silence,/ in fact, especially in the silence; / Just your presence is more than enough to ignite my soul/ Excitement and relaxation/ My secret place/ Our darkest memories shared/ As new light shines/… Continue reading LOVE…

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That Awkward Moment…

Hi friends, All is well in sunny Georgia and I am definitely taking advantage of the weather and all Atlanta has to offer. Here's where the awkwardness comes in: Being separated/divorced no matter how "bad" the marriage was; isn't exactly something anyone wants to yell to the world...Unless you're one of those "classy people" who… Continue reading That Awkward Moment…

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Single in the City: Results of Online Dating

No matter your age I know we all can think back on some fond memories of when we were school-age. Well I ,for one, am missing being in college where there was a host of available men. Men who had mutual friends or at the least, mutual friends of mutual friends where one could get… Continue reading Single in the City: Results of Online Dating