What is your Deepest Fear?

  😂 Ok, super vulnerable post ahead *deep breaths*..this post is funny but this is serious business for me lol. This is one of my goals for next year. After marriage and a house etc...giving birth! 👶🏽   I was afraid to say that aloud for many reasons...feeling like I might jinx it. Because if… Continue reading What is your Deepest Fear?


Anew Decade

Reflecting on the future; I know it has been said but it is really something to think about...there are literally 85 days left in 2019 and more importantly, in this decade. Just like that in a blink of the eye 👁, a whole 10 years have passed. I think about where I was when I… Continue reading Anew Decade


The Case of God, Divorce & Sexuality…A podcast featuring yours truly!!

It’s been way too long since I visited my friends and for that I am truly sorry! However, I have a treat!! Hopefully by now you’ve picked up your copy of The Twenty Something Divorcée. It’s available over on Amazon in Kindle and paperback version. Click the link to get your copy (and read reviews… Continue reading The Case of God, Divorce & Sexuality…A podcast featuring yours truly!!

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I am sitting at home on this rainy Saturday on my first weekend off in what feels like forever and decided to revisit my oldest and truest love: writing :-). Along with some cleaning where I stumbled upon my old planner: And as I flipped through the pages inside I remembered it had all of… Continue reading Affirmations